Free Skin Anti-Blemish Device
Free Skin Anti-Blemish Device
Free Skin Anti-Blemish Device
Free Skin Anti-Blemish Device
Free Skin Anti-Blemish Device
Free Skin Anti-Blemish Device

Free Skin Anti-Blemish Device


“Talika is revolutionising anti-ageing light therapy and electrostimulation with this combined device!” Naomi B.

Target imperfections with the Talika Free Skin Anti-Blemish Device; the first cosmetic light therapy device inspired by aerospace research.

The light tool is suitable for all skin types including a sensitive complexion, but is ideal for those with oily and acne prone skin. Emitting two wavelengths, a blue 440NM light and a red 630NM light, the patented device is designed to combat redness, excess sebum and blemishes.

The blue light helps to combat oily skin by regulating sebum production, whilst also targeting a build-up of bacteria to discourage imperfections. Whereas, the red light offers a soothing effect to relieve rashes, irritation and blemishes, therefore visibly eliminating areas of redness.

With both lights working harmoniously, the device seeks to reveal a clear complexion that is healthy and comfortable. Simply use two to three times a day and expect instant and long lasting benefits.

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Proven Results

After 7 days: 78% blemishes are less visible and 27% face shows less redness

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Made in France

Pioneers since 1948

Color: Grey
How to use

Use the device on imperfections in 2-minute blocks, two or three times a day, on its own or after applying an anti-blemish treatment. It can be used on top of make-up.


 Step 1

Switch it on, and it will activate when it comes into contact with the skin

 Step 2

Local, temporary imperfections: Three 2-minute sessions per day (morning, noon and evening) until the blemish disappears

 Step 3

Chronic, long-lasting imperfections: Two 2-minute sessions per day (morning and evening), sweeping the device over all of the concerned zones


 Step 4

The device will automatically turn off after 1 minute


• Blue light (440 nm): antibacterial, regulates excess sebum.

• Red light (630 nm): soothing, reduces redness, promotes skin regeneration.


Technologies tested under dermatological control. 1 PATENT


 Blemishes are reduced

 Skin is balanced with oils and bacteria reduced

 Skin is soothed with less visible irritation

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Inès B

difficult to say at the moment, I have not tested it to evaluate. The delivery was fast to my surprise

Coralie A

The design is great. Very good result from the 1st application.

Emilie F

Very pleasant surprise by its effectiveness! It removes the pimples and the inflammation goes down quickly. On the other hand, it is necessary to provide recharging arrows for intensive use, the arrow is fast.

Catherine E

Following my purchase on 11/27: after 10 days of use at a reasonable rate of 3 times a day for 2 minutes I have begun to see an improvement in my skin and a reduction in my acne. Used in addition with the application of a moisturizer I hope I can get to the bottom of my adult acne.

jacqueline a

My daughter is delighted with this product!