Lipocils Mascara Brown
Lipocils Mascara Brown
Lipocils Mascara Brown
Lipocils Mascara Brown
Lipocils Mascara Brown
Lipocils Mascara Brown
Lipocils Mascara Brown

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Lipocils Mascara Brown

Eyelash Growth Mascara

“This mascara is perfect and it’s also formulated with a lash serum so my lashes look longer even when I take it off” Charlotte T.

Colour: Brown

Enjoy the immediate benefits of a quality mascara with the long term impact of a lash serum formula in one product with the Lipocils Mascara. This gentle and natural formula adds immediate pigmentation, length, and volume to lashes when applied while the incorporated Mythical Botanical Complex encourages the growth, strengthening and enhancement of lashes below, meaning that after 28 days of use the lashes are darker, longer, and more naturally curled even without wearing the mascara.

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Proven Results

After 2 months, tests show eyelash growth of 29% in length

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Made in France

Pioneers since 1948


After 30 days of treatment, eyelash enhancement is stimulated: the eyelashes gain volume, their pigmentation is naturally darker, their curvature increased.

 As early as 14 days, the first results are visible.

 After 2 months users see an increase in eyelash volume

 Lashes are also more healthy

How to use

Application is much like a regular mascara, with the ergonomic and easy to use brush catching lashes easily for precise application to the lashes.

You can apply it in several layers for an even more glamorous effect.


 Step 1

Apply from the root to the tips of the eyelashes with a light zigzag movement

 Step 2

Use the tip of the applicator and apply makeup for lashes located at the inner and outer corners of the eye

 Step 3

Apply it in several layers for an even more glamorous effect


Unique Formula: 

  • Mythical Plant Complex (witch hazel, apple, nettle, horse chestnut, St. John's wort) - stimulates eyelash growth..
  • Tripeptide (Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1) - ensures optimal anchoring of the eyelash in the skin.
  • Amaranth Peptides (Phenylanaline and Histidine) - penetrate into the lash fiber to make it thicker and shinier.
  • Provitamin B5 - hydrates and stimulates cell renewal of the ciliary bulb.
  • Coleus forskohlii extract & hexapeptide (Acetyl Hexapeptide-1) - stimulate melanin synthesis to intensify the natural pigmentation of the eyelashes.
  • Tested under dermatological control..
  • 89% of ingredients of natural origin.


Sourced From Nature: 89% natural ingredients


Key ingredients:




 Horse chestnut

 St. John's wort

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