Pigment Control Device
Pigment Control Device
Pigment Control Device

Pigment Control Device

Anti-Dark Spots Cosmetic Device

“Pigmentation is a thing of the past thanks to this fast and easy light therapy treatment!” Natalia K.

Brighten and even the appearance of your skin with Talika Pigment Control Anti-Dark Spots Cosmetic Instrument, an anti-ageing light therapy device that targets dark spots on the face, hands and décolleté to promote younger-looking skin with proven results.

Inspired by aerospace research, the patented device combines the emission of Green Light (525 nm) Wavelength with an Ionotherapy Function; the green light targets and regulates melanocyte activity whilst imperceptible ionic micro-currents stimulate skin to enhance the efficacy and penetration of traditional brightening creams. Delivering ultra-targeted action, the ergonomic tool helps to visibly reduce the size and intensity of dark spots and discolouration for brighter, more even toned skin.

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Proven Results

From 30 days: 27% reduced pigmentation of blemishes

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Made in France

Pioneers since 1948

How to use

Pigment Control can be used on its own or after applying a spot-reducing treatment, morning and evening, locally on spots on the face, hands and neckline.


 Step 1

Turn on the device to activate it in contact with the skin

 Step 2

Work in a slow sweeping motion upwards on intended area

 Step 3

Device turns off automatically after 1 minute


• Green light (525 nm): targets and regulates the activity of melanocytes. The anarchic synthesis of melanin is controlled, the intensity and the surface of the spots are reduced.

• Ionotherapy: imperceptible ionic micro-current which increases skin permeability to improve penetration and the effectiveness of all anti-stain treatments.

• Micro-vibrations: stimulate cellular exchanges.


Technologies tested under dermatological control. 1 PATENT.


 Complexion is balanced and even

 Blemishes are reduced

 Skin is left brighter and glowing