As the seasons change and we see the end of long dark nights, rapid changes in the weather mean our skin is facing new challenges which are best to not ignore. Now that conditions are sure to be less harsh than the dry cold of winter, it’s the perfect time to get ahead of your glow! We’ve put together our tips for making sure that your skin is radiant to match the spring sunshine and to brighten days of April showers.

  1. Start exfoliating again

    In the winter months when skin is more likely to be dry, we recommend slowing down your exfoliating routine to prevent damage or irritation but, as the weather warms, you’re ready to start fresh. Scrub away the last of the winter blues and detox until you glow! Our SKINTELLIGENCE Gentle Scrub is perfect for removing dead skin and debris without damaging healthy skin.

  2. Switch to a lighter moisturiser

    As always, it’s important to maintain moisture in your skin regardless of weather but, as weather is less dry, skin might feel overpowered by the moisturisers you used in the winter months when your skin needed them. Our SKINTELLIGENCE Intense Hydrating Light Cream works wonders to keep skin glowing but is light enough that it will remain comfortable and wearable on warmer days!

  3. Stay on top of SPF

    It’s a myth that sunscreen is only for summer. Harmful UVA and UVB rays cause ageing and skin damage even on overcast days and so it’s important to boost your SPF dosage as things get brighter and continue use of SPF daily regardless of the weather to ensure you stay looking luminous and refreshed.

  4. Start routines for the Summer

    Now is the perfect time to start a new routine to ensure that when the summer months come you can enjoy whatever you have planned to the fullest. We recommend starting your Lipocils Expert and Eyebrow Lipocils Expert treatments now to ensure that when the sun is shining you don’t feel the need to book that lash extension appointment!

  5. Spring clean

    While you’re in the mood to start fresh in so many areas of life, don’t let beauty fall behind! Many skincare and makeup products expire (for example, Mascara shouldn’t be used for more than 3 months!) and unwashed makeup brushes, sponges, and even accessories like headbands can build up bacteria and grime so now is a great time to clean, clear, and replace what you need to. It’s also a perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new goodies!

It can be tough knowing how to keep your skin looking fresh in all climates and seasons and it’s easy to fall out of love with your skin in the more harsh winter period, but by making small and considered changes to your everyday skincare routine you can see huge benefits. Our specialised products are perfect for giving you a little je ne sais quoi regardless of the time of year so that you can fall back in love with your skincare routine. After all, confidence is the real secret to Parisian beauty.

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