How to Remove Waterproof Mascara Without Damaging your Lashes

Nobody can deny that waterproof mascara is an essential in your makeup bag. Long lasting and flawless whether you’re crying with laughter, relaxing poolside, or you’ve been caught in an impromptu downpour, it provides extra security knowing that you don’t have to check your makeup is where it should be every 15 minutes. But with security comes more of a struggle when removing the product at the end of the day and, with eyelashes being delicate, it can do them a fair amount of damage if you remove waterproof mascara incorrectly. To save you (and your lashes) some stress, we’ve put together our tips for removing waterproof mascara in the best way possible.

Use the right cleanser

When removing any waterproof makeup, the key is a gentle yet powerful cleanser that will work without the need for excessive rubbing. Our Lash Conditioning Cleanser, developed by our specialist research team, removes all traces of waterproof makeup around the eyes while soothing and conditioning the skin and protecting and strengthening eyelashes with its clinically proven silk proteins.

Be gentle

Rubbing and scrubbing of the eye area when trying to remove waterproof mascara is not only abrasive to the sensitive skin around the eyes, it also has the potential to break and damage eyelashes. We recommend pairing your cleanser with a soft cotton pad or gentle microfibre pad and dragging downwards on the lashes to remove makeup rather than in side-to-side motions.

Condition your lashes

After removing your makeup, it is always a good idea to condition your lashes to ensure they are strong and healthy. Our Lipocils Expert formula can be applied after your makeup removal at night and uses the Mythical Botanical Complex as well as other active ingredients to grow, thicken, curl, and darken your lashes naturally. With regular use your lashes will be even more long and healthy and you may even be able to skip using mascara at all on more occasions!

Repair the surrounding skin

Even when you’re gentle, the sensitive skin around the eyes can be irritated by the process of wearing makeup all day and then rubbing it away, so we recommend giving it a little TLC alongside your lashes. Our Eye Therapy Patches are the perfect companion to your eye makeup removal routine and deliver an essential boost of nutrients to your under eye area in just 15 minutes.

Take days off

While waterproof mascara is great for when you need that extra bit of security for your makeup look, we recommend taking days off to let your natural lashes be free of heavy products. With our Lipocils Expert, you may find that your natural lashes are longer and bolder and may be less likely to reach for your mascara, but regardless- waterproof mascara can dry lashes out and so isn’t something we recommend for every day. Take time out to embrace your natural lashes when you can like a true Parisian!

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